WGIRLS collects new and gently worn formal dresses,accessories, and new/unopened makeup throughout the year for girls whose families cannot afford the cost of a these items for prom. We do not collect shoes.

How to Donate Your Dress and Accessories:

For Individual Donations: Are you a young woman interested in paying it forward for Prom? Great! If your dress meets the criteria listed below then please mail it to us at:


IMPORTANT:We have limited storage space for gowns and limited resources to sort through dress donations.  Therefore, before you donate your dress for PROM please ensure that it meets the following criteria. Thank you!

  1. The Dress Must be Clean
  2. The Dress Must be from 2008 or later (unless it is black)
  3. The Dress Must be Prom Appropriate.  Please do not mail dresses that are not prom dresses. (i.e. Knit Dresses, Casual Day Dresses, etc. We can not use them. )
  4. NO Shoes!

Additionally, please choose the least expensive method to send  mail in your items. There is no need to send the items priority, etc.  The WGIRLS does provide tax receipts however  the receipts are not itemized tax receipts of your donation. The tax receipt we provide simply acknowledges your donation and leaves it up to you and your tax adviser to determine the value of the donation .  If you would like a tax receipt sent to you then please include a note with your email address in the package. Receipts are ONLY provided via email.

For  Corporate Donations:

If you are a company interested in making large donation of  NEW dresses, accessories or products please contact us directly at projectglam@wgirls.org. A representative will contact you to help to coordinate the logistics. The WGIRLS INC provides tax receipt information for all corporate donations. 




Project GLAM 2013 by Michael CInquino-102